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Dental fillings are a way of both restoring function and shape to teeth that have been damaged by decay or fracture. It works by removing all decayed material, cleaning and then filling the area using other materials, which in the case of tooth coloured fillings, is usually a composite resin.

The resin is initially matched to the natural shade of your teeth so that it looks as natural as possible. Once all the decay has been removed and the surface prepared for the filling, composite resin is placed into the preparation. It is then hardened with a curing light in multiple layers. Next, the filling is cleaned and polished to ensure there are no sharp edges or bulges to provide a finished look. The bite is then checked and adjusted in ensure the new filling fits properly.

Signs You May Need A Filling

Seeing a dentist for an examination is the only true way to know if a filling is required. However, there are a few signs to look out for that might indicate you need a filling:

  • Sensitivity - If you are struggling to eat specific foods such as sweet or sour or if you are finding temperature sensitivities too hot and cold.
  • Pain - Do you experience a dull ache, throbbing or sudden pain when you chew or bite your food?
  • Damaged Teeth - If you have cracked or chipped teeth, or existing fillings have become broken or cracked.
  • Floss Breakage - If, when flossing, you find that the string breaks or frays, it could be a sign that it is catching on the uneven surface of your tooth due to leakage of an existing filling or a new cavity.
  • Roughness - If you run your tongue over your teeth and you find a rough surface, even after brushing and cleaning, it could be a sign of damage or decay.

Benefits Of Tooth Coloured Fillings

  • Natural Aesthetics - Tooth coloured fillings blend into your mouth, unlike gold or metal that can stand out.
  • Dental Health - Filling required to fix decay are necessary for dental health and to stop decay from spreading which can lead to infection or further treatment. Decay when left unchecked can also lead to halitosis and other oral infections so it is best to deal with dental decay as quickly as possible.
  • Quick - Fillings take very little time to complete, especially compared to other procedures. Having a filling completed early before anything extensive is needed is best.
  • Insurance - Many dental plans will cover tooth coloured fillings, although you should always check with your provider.

As you can see, tooth coloured fillings are an excellent option for dental decay or small tooth fracture. It is important to note that if your tooth has a substantial amount of decay and too much tooth structure has been lost, a crown may be recommended instead to restore the tooth. Also, if the decay has affected the nerve chamber of the tooth, a root canal may be required. For a consultation or more information on our services, contact us to arrange a consultation with one of our dentists.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Where Is Your Clinic Located?

Mills Haven Dental is located in Sherwood Park, on Broadmoor Boulevard

What are your hours?

Please refer to our contact page to find our current hours of operation.

Do you accept insurance plans?

Yes, Mills Haven Dental accepts most insurance plans and we direct bill!!

With direct billing, we submit your insurance claims electronically with no processing charges or fees.

Do you provide dental services for babies and children?

Yes we do!

The staff at Mills Haven Dental understand that children's teeth undergo several challenges and changes in the growth process. That is why we recommend regular checkups for children of any age.

The Canadian Dental Association recommends the assessment of infants, by a dentist, within 6 months of the eruption of the first tooth or around one year of age. The goal is to have your child visit the dentist before there is a problem with his or her teeth.

We are a family-oriented business and aim to help you and your entire family achieve and maintain a happy and healthy mouth.

We monitor the health of your child's teeth & gums to prevent disease, repair injury, and ensure optimal oral health.

Can I book evening and weekend appointments?

Please refer to our contact page to find our current hours of operation.

How long do I have to wait for an appointment?

Average wait time to see one of our dentists depends on the service you require, and the time of year.

During slow periods, you may be able to get in to see us in as little as one day.

Busy periods may require you to wait 1-2 weeks.

However, scheduling changes do occur, and we may be able to get you in for an appointment more quickly if anything opens up sooner.

Call us at 587-269-2697 to inquire about current available appointments!

Are you accepting new patients?


Mills Haven Dental is always accepting new patients here in Sherwood Park, and we would love for you to come in and meet us.

How long does a standard cleaning take?

A cleaning for most individuals at Mills Haven Dental will be completed in approximately 1 hour however, some patients may require additional time or appointments depending on their individual needs.