The Advantages of Dental Implants

July 02 2019 by Mills Haven Dental

Dental Implents - Mills Haven Dental

Dental implants can replace a single tooth or several teeth, both for functional purposes and for aesthetic purposes. Dental implants are metal posts that are placed into the jawbone beneath the gums through surgery. Once they are in place, replacement teeth can be positioned onto them. It is common for people who have lost teeth due to age, illness or injury to pursue this procedure.

There are two main types of dental implants. The first type is Endosteal. These are placed in the jawbone and are typically made of titanium and shaped like small screws.

The second type of implant is Subperiosteal. These dental implants are placed under the gum, on or above the jawbone. This type of implant may be used in patients who do not have enough healthy natural jawbone and cannot undergo a bone augmentation procedure to rebuild it.

Dental Implants Offer Several Benefits:

1) Natural Look That Matches Your Teeth

Dental implants are offered in several shapes and sizes, meaning that an implant can be designed to match the colour of your other teeth and fit within the gap perfectly. They offer a natural look.

2) Help With Natural Speech

Missing teeth can impact your speech. Some of the tooth replacement options, such as dentures, affect your ability to pronounce words. If ill-fitted, these alternatives may cause lisping, garbled speech, or a whistling sound. Given that dental implants are meant to act just like natural teeth, they shouldn’t have any impact on your speech.

3) No Slippage

Denture users can feel self-aware when speaking, laughing, or eating, out of fear that their dentures may move or slip inside their mouth. As dental implants are anchored into position, there is no slippage to be concerned about.

4) Convenient Care & Maintenance

Dental Implants are made up of a material that cannot decay, therefore cavities are not a concern for these patients!

It is still important to ensure that implants are cleaned to prevent bacteria from accumulating and potentially leading to infection. However, the cleaning process is simple. No special cleaning products are needed. Just like with natural teeth, patients can brush and floss to address bacteria.

5) Prevent Bone Loss & Changes In Face Shape

Once you have lost teeth, you can become prone to losing bone mass in your jaw. The jawbone requires stimulation to maintain its mass. Typically, it receives this stimulation when it is connected to your teeth. By replacing your missing tooth with dental implants, you can help avoid bone loss.

6) Fixes Bite Force

Since dental implants are connected to your jaw through a titanium post, which acts similar to a tooth root, having dental implants gives you the opportunity to bite with a force similar to the bite force of your natural teeth. Other alternatives usually sit on top of the gums and aren’t set in place, making it more challenging to use as much bite force.

Consult With A Dentist To See If You Are A Candidate

There are several advantages to investing in dental implants. Unlike other tooth replacement options which need to be replaced eventually, dental implants can last for your entire life if cared for properly.

Usually, patients that are well enough to undergo a routine dental extraction or an oral surgery can be considered for a dental implant. However, heavy smokers, people suffering from chronic disorders (such as diabetes or heart disease), or patients who have had radiation therapy to the head or neck area need to be evaluated on an individual basis to see whether dental implants are a fit. It is important to talk with a dentist about your health history and determine whether you are a good candidate for dental implants.

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