Itchy Teeth? 4 Causes and Treatments

February 11 2021 by Mills Haven Dental

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Have there ever been times when you or someone you know complains about “itchy teeth”? We hate to break it to you, but your teeth can’t actually feel sensations like itchiness, but the tissues around them can! Your gums and the roots of your teeth will send you signals when something is wrong, such as feeling itchy! Itchiness can be an indicator of something more serious going on with your oral health… Let's talk about some causes and treatments for itchy teeth.

4 Causes of Itchiness

Many things can make you feel like your teeth are itchy and all of them should be taken seriously.

#1 Plaque Build-Up & Gum Disease

Itchy Teeth Causes

Plaque build-up is probably the most common reason for itchy gums. Plaque is inevitable and constantly building up on your teeth and around your gums. This sticky film of bacteria is a part of life! However, you should do your best to keep plaque under control by regularly flossing and brushing twice per day.

When plaque is left to its own devices, it can do some severe damage. The acids in it can cause cavities, destroy tooth enamel, and ultimately lead to tooth decay. Eventually, you may even develop gum disease.

Gum disease is serious, and that itchy feeling can be a warning sign that you’re in the early stages (known as gingivitis). This is when your gums become inflamed because plaque and bacteria have taken over.

If changing up your floss & brush routine isn’t enough, make sure to book yourself in with your dentist immediately.

#2 Infections & Unwanted Objects

Have you ever found a popcorn kernel in your mouth DAYS after your last trip to the movies? Besides grossing you out, leftover food particles can cause major problems. Your itchy teeth may be a sign that something isn’t where it belongs.

It’s important to be aware of any “food traps” in your mouth. Food traps are sneaky areas of our mouth that are notorious for trapping food and being harder to clean. They’re usually gaps and pockets between our teeth. We all have them, so make sure you know where to spend extra time flossing and brushing each night.

If left alone too long, unwanted food and other particles can cause bacterial infections. If you’ve developed an infection, you’ll probably have other side effects like swelling, pain, or bleeding. Talk to your dental team right away. 

#3 Tooth Damage & Healing

Itchy gums and teeth could be a sign of damage to one of your teeth! Usually, you’ll have other, more noticeable signs of harm to your teeth (such as appearance, pain, or bleeding), but itchy teeth can be a sign if you have a minor injury. Get a friend or family member to take a peek with a flashlight to look for anything amiss.

On the flip side, itchy gums can also be a sign of your teeth healing or shifting after a dental procedure. It’s not uncommon to have itchy gums if you recently had a trip to the dentist, especially if they removed a lot of plaque. Give it a couple of days after your visit before you get concerned.

#4 Allergies

And finally, your itchy teeth might be a sign you’re allergic to something in your environment or something you’re eating. Your dentist will be able to tell you if your itchy teeth are caused by any oral issues, but if they give you the clear, you should probably talk to your doctor about possible allergies.

Home Care Treatments

Here are some tips for a little bit of relief from itchy teeth:

When to Call Your Dentist

Itchy teeth and gums should never be taken lightly! If you continue to be annoyed by your gums after a few days of mixing up your routine, make sure to schedule an appointment with your dentist.

Itchy teeth? The Mills Haven dental team can help! 

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