5 Reasons to Consider Professional Teeth Whitening

August 8 2022 by Mills Haven Dental

5 Reasons to Consider Professional Teeth Whitening - Mills Haven Dental

So, you’re thinking about whitening your teeth! Honestly, that’s a great decision that will bring you joy. Before you buy toothpaste or white strips, though, we want to tell you five reasons you should consider a professional teeth whitening service.

#1 Reduce Discolouration & Staining

 The biggest reason people choose a professional tooth whitening treatment at a dental office is that it reduces discolouration and staining. There are two types of discolouration:

Reduce Discolouration and Staining
  1. Extrinsic: This is discolouration that happens outside the tooth. It’s caused by eating, drinking, smoking, and other surficial things!
  2. Intrinsic: This kind of discoloration occurs inside the tooth and cannot be whitened by at-home kits. This can be caused by trauma, old age, infection, or even medications.

For the best discolouration removal, you need to use professional services.

#2 Boost in Self Confidence

If you invest in a whiter smile, it’s almost a given that you’ll also have a boost in self-confidence. Patients noticeably smile more after their first whitening session, and we hope you’ll have more self-esteem after visiting us!

#3 Better Oral Health

An unexpected (but excellent) advantage of professional teeth whitening services is the positive impact on patients’ oral health. Many dentist-grade teeth whitening solutions have antibacterial ingredients, leading to a decrease in your likelihood of developing tooth decay.

Better oral health is also a result of psychology. The more confident you feel about your white smile, the more likely you will stick to great hygiene habits, like brushing and flossing.

#4 Most Effective Method

Many people choose at-home kits over dental office treatments because they think the DIY trip will be faster and cheaper. That’s actually not true! To get the same level of shiny pearls, you would need to spend hundreds of dollars and many hours using at-home kits.

Go with the safe choice and call up your dentist! You’ll be surprised how quickly you achieve a whiter smile. In addition, your dentist should be able to give you a flat cost of your treatment, so you’ll also be able to start saving.

The other bonus is that a professional treatment lasts longer than the stuff you buy at the drugstore. That means fewer treatments are required as the years go by.

#5 Safer than At-Home Kits

Recently, at-home kits have become increasingly popular, with many spending hundreds of dollars on these compact kits. At-home treatments indeed have their perks, like cheaper treatments and easy access, but they aren’t as good as the real deal that’s offered through a dentist’s office.

At-home kits aren’t as effective or long-lasting as a trip to the dental office, nor do you have as many personalization options. However, the biggest concern is that at-home kits aren’t as SAFE as a visit to the dentist. Some people suffer from increased sensitivity or itchy gums after using a whitening kit.

Contact the Mills Haven Dental team for a job done right! We provide safe, affordable teeth whitening services.