4 Reasons for Bad Breath

August 06 2020 by Mills Haven Dental

4 Reasons for Bad Breath - Mills Haven Dental

Alright, let’s admit it. We have all forgotten our night-time brush routine and woken up with some truly awful morning breath. It happens and it’s not a big deal. Bad breath can be fixed pretty easily with a good scrub.
But what’s happening when bad breath seems to be there all the time. First of all, we want to know that you shouldn’t be embarrassed. Persistent bad breath is a real medical condition—called halitosis—and it’s something we can help you with.

There are 4 reasons that might be causing persistent bad breath. Let’s talk about them.

#1 Oral & Denture Hygiene

This one may seem obvious, but improper oral & denture hygiene could be the reason you can’t get rid of your bad breath. You’ve probably already thought to brush & floss twice a day, and you might be getting frustrated because it’s still not working.

Well, that’s because many of us don’t brush our teeth properly. We often miss key areas that are notorious for gathering food particles that will eventually rot in your mouth (sorry for the mental picture).

Next time you brush and floss, be extra mindful of getting hard-to-reach places, such as:

If you have dentures, you should double-check that the cleaner you're using is recommended by your dentist. Some denture rinses on the shelf are ineffective, so even if your dentures look clean, they might still have lingering odours.

#2 Dry Mouth

One reason you have saliva glands in your mouth is so that food particles get cleaned away throughout the day. Without proper saliva production, your mouth can’t clean itself.

There are tons of things that cause dry mouth, like medications, respiratory infections, or gland disorders. Talk to your doctor if you don’t know what’s causing your dry mouth.

In the meantime, try eating foods that require lots of chewing and get your mouth watering. Make sure you’re drinking water throughout the entire day.

#3 Existing Health Conditions


If you have persistent bad breath, we really want you to have a chat with us. Halitosis can be a sign that you have gum disease, which is something to NEVER take lightly. This disease can be seriously bad for your oral and overall health, so don’t put it off.

The crazy thing is that bad breath is sometimes a symptom of a health condition that isn’t even mouth-related! Here are just some illnesses that contribute to halitosis:

Using Tobacco

This might not be a big shocker but using tobacco can cause bad breath. This isn’t just because cigarette smoke doesn’t smell great, but also because tobacco can contribute to some of the above conditions (like dry mouth and gum disease).

Bad breath is just another reason to motivate you to quit smoking.

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