Having a bright and white smile with great teeth is something we all strive for. However, no matter how much we brush, floss and whiten, there is no guarantee that our teeth will ever be like how we imagine. This is especially true if we have gaps, chips or stains affecting our teeth.

In some case, there is a different (and easier way) to improve the look of your smile using cosmetic bonding. Bonding is when a dentist uses a tooth-colored composite resin to fix teeth with cosmetic issues like damaged teeth, stained teeth or to close spaces in between teeth.

Bonding can be done in a single sitting and often without anesthetic.

How is bonding done?

Well, the first thing the dentist will do is match the shade of the bonding to the color of your tooth. Once they have a match, they will prepare your tooth by making it a little rough, and then put some liquid on it which helps the bonding stick to the tooth.

From then, the resin is applied to your tooth and molded until it looks and feels correct. The dentist will then harden the resin with a curing light, and then further shape and polish it, to make it look as natural as possible.

The resin hardens immediately, and you will hardly be able to know that the bonding isn't your natural teeth. While the bonded material is not real tooth structure, you should treat them like they are real teeth. You should be sure to brush and floss as normal, and they can also stain, so be aware of what you eat and drink.

However, while you shouldn't experience a lot of trouble eating normally, you should be aware that this composite resin isn't quite as strong as natural teeth, so you should be careful when it comes to chewing hard food or if you grind your teeth. Bonding can last a very long time if you care for your teeth, but your dentist will check the bonded tooth or teeth during each dental visit to ensure everything is okay.

Due to the elective nature of cosmetic dentistry procedures you are unlikely to be covered entirely (or in some cases partially) by insurance. Payment plans in some cases may be available to help with the cost of the procedure. To set up a consultation and learn more about our cosmetic dentistry treatments that best suit your needs, contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation with one of our dentists.

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